The Social Media Revolution

After a semi-brief hiatus to engage in the practice of law (what a chore), I’ve made it back to the blog with some new insight to share. Over the past few months, hundreds of not thousands of blogs about social media have found their way onto the scene. It seems that the only thing more prolific than social media itself is the commentary offered by purported social media experts.

You’ve heard hype. You’ve heard hysteria. And you’ll continue to hear a whole lot more. What should you believe? As is usually the case, you’ll find the truth somewhere in the middle. In order to determine what constitutes the spectrum and where the “middle” actually is, we need to take a broad look at social media in general, how pervasive it has become, and how it is being used. As we begin to see creative implementations of this “social media revolution,” we begin to get a better understanding of where we are and where we are headed. The following video provides an excellent, albeit biased, summary of what social media is and how quickly and pervasively it infiltrated so many areas of our lives:

I think it is a little premature to compare the social media revolution to the industrial revolution. Okay, it is “a lot” premature for that comparison. But it is interesting nonetheless. And while more and more people jump onto the social media bandwagon, it remains to be seen whether social media his significant business implications beyond the already acknowledged means of contact, small-scale dissemination of information (when was the last time you had something that truly went “viral”), and social interaction. Only time will tell what the numbers described in the video will bear out. One thing is certain; the timeframe in which social media operates is significantly compressed compared to the timeframe in which other media outlets or other technologies have developed.


3 Responses to The Social Media Revolution

  1. Great stuff !!
    Keep up the good work, Tyson!
    – Steven Burda

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