Traditional Networking – Does It Still Work

July 9, 2009

As the debate over Twitter / Social Media marketing tool heats up, we should all remember that other, successful, networking and marketing strategies exist.  Nearly everyone familiar with the subject will suggest that new media combined with traditional practice marketing will lead to the best results.  Despite my strong belief in the power of Twitter and Social Media, even I acknowledge, that a successful practice cannot rely exclusively on social media marketing.

The Rainmaker Blog recently posted an article entitled: “Law Firm Marketing: 7 Tips on Finding Clients Through Formal Networking” and it is worth a read.  I’ll give you the seven tips but if you want the explanation of how to use them, why to use them, and why they are successful, you will have to go check out the Rainmaker Blog to learn the intricacies:

  1. Join the right groups
  2. Join elite groups
  3. Use an “audio logo”
  4. Remember your primary purpose
  5. Ask open-ended questions
  6. Be intentional in your follow-up
  7. Track your efforts

[Explanations Here]. I only partially agree with their suggestions.  I think #1 and #2 are definitely important.  I question #3 and its effectiveness (depending on the practice you are trying to build).  I don’t find #4-#6 as particularly helpful; they are too general.  And I agree with #7.  But each one of these points is greatly enhanced when social media is added to the mix.  Your efforts will be easier and more effective.

Ultimately, running a successful law practice is like running a business.  You can market all day and all night but if you have a product that no one in the market wants or that is beat out by the competition, you’re marketing efforts will all be for naught.  The best law firm marketing comes from practicing good law that helps clients achieve their goals and satisfies their needs.